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Cooking to save the planet

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This is a community for people who use organic box schemes, and hence end up with assorted random vegetables on their doorsteps every week or so. Bemused by broccoli? Confounded by cabbage? Thrilled with tomatoes? Share favourite recipes, ask for cooking tips, talk about health and eating and sustainability - all levels of experience and expertise welcome.

I can't imagine how a community like this could create angst, but, hey, this is LiveJournal, so: don't flame, don't respond to trolls, the mod (cangetmad)'s word is law, play nice. Don't assume people are anything in particular.

Please LJ-cut all pictures - this seemed the simplest rule to have, and co-operation will be much appreciated. We have available for your use a variety of vegetable-related tags. You don't have to use them, but do feel free. Others may tag your post later on, too - it helps people looking for specific subjects. If we've missed anything out of the tag list, please comment here and it'll probably be added soon.

No, you don't actually have to get an organic box to join (how on earth would we check?) - others interested in vegetables and organics and cooking are welcome.