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Tue, Oct. 30th, 2007, 11:10 am

Hmmm... this community is kind of quiet, but maybe enough people are paying attention that you can still give me some good advice. I keep getting salad mix in my boxes, and I am so tired of salad.... With the weather changing I find myself seeking out more comfort foods and cold salad just doesn't appeal so much anymore.

I've done the warm goat cheese idea (extremely delicious, but goat cheese is so expensive here!) and tried throwing in things like chicken and almonds, but I feel like I'm out of ideas. Can anyone suggest something interesting to do with salad mix? Maybe something to make it feel a little more substantial?

Tue, Oct. 30th, 2007 06:16 pm (UTC)

Layer with sandwich makings between bread.
Try wilting it a bit with a hot item like sauteed lentils and onions...

Tue, Oct. 30th, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)

Dur... I can't believe the sandwich idea didn't occur to me. Fabulous!

And would most greens wilt in a satisfactory manner, you think? There's a bunch of stuff in the mix bag that I honestly cannot identify, so I'm nervous about trying to cook it.

Wed, Oct. 31st, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)

Hey, what have you got to lose besides boredom? Go for it!